PV-Syst is a software system for calculating profits and simulating photovoltaic solar systems.

This product has been developed at the University of Geneva and it is distributed by the new founded company PVsyst SA in Geneva. PV-Syst is an application with expert status and it is eminently respectable throughout the world. It can be used for optimized planning of grid-connected photovoltaic systems. That includes roof top systems as well as ground mounted systems. PV-Syst offers a comprehensive amount of functions for planning photovoltaic systems and for calculating their profits.

You can use PV-Syst to assure optimized profits for a photovoltaic system in its target location.

official PV-Syst website


The company Solmetric is specialized in utilities for solar installers. Among various products, there is a measuring instrument for horizon lines, called “Suneye”.

It calculates the horizon line, which is relevant for shadow freeness of the pv area and thus increases the quality of the calculation of profits.

The SunEye information can directly get read into HELIOS for generating a horizon line. That allows calculating shadow influences caused by far objects, even for big area solar plants.



NASKU develops and distributes hardware and software for controlling construction machines. NASKU provides robust and easy to handle displaying systems, semiautomatic and fully automatic controlling systems, as well as software based automation processes.

Amongst others, offered services are surveying, planning pv layouts with HELIOS 3D and ramming posts for pv racks.

The coordinates of rack posts, which have been placed with HELIOS, can directly be read by the NASKU GPS control system for GAYK rams. The collaboration between these applications offers the possibility of realizing layouts created with HELIOS in a quality, which has not yet been reached.

 official NASKU website