The "Helios 3D Browser Viewer" is an integral part of the Helios 3D software that creates an impressive presentation from your solar parc projects - with just one mouse click away.

Helios3D OnlineViewer 01


Start the VR Presentation

How does it work?


Pretty simple - the layout you have created in Helios 3D is placed into a natural environment and within a few seconds you get an interactive 3D presentation with an automatic generated fly-camera, which shows the whole project and all it’s essential components.

A selectable menu enables you to change date and time, to see the resulting shadow. In interactive mode you can fly around with the camera to any point of your project. You can make screen grabs of what you see, to put them into your presentation.

If you want to customize your presentation with additional details (like the animated windmills in our VR Presentation), please contact us for support with advice and assistance.

Technical info:

The WebGL-based technology is supported by all modern browsers and runs out of the box.