Helios 3D - Unique Features

Unique Features

License Key Sharing via VPN

As a user of HELIOS 3D, you benefit from its advanced software protection options. Here are some detailed advantages of these security measures:

Network Accessibility
The ability to access the license server from various stations within the network facilitates software usage and management within an organization.

VPN Compatibility
Access to the license server via VPN from external locations worldwide enhances flexibility in workflow.

No Hardware Requirement
Using USB dongles eliminates the need for physical hardware for license protection, simplifying workflows and increasing mobility.

Floating License:
The floating license allows installation of the software on multiple devices without the need to swap hardware dongles.

Enhanced Security
These protection measures ensure effective security of licenses against unauthorized access, particularly crucial in business-critical environments.

User Flexibility
Through network accessibility, VPN compatibility, and floating license capabilities, HELIOS 3D offers high flexibility for users in various work environments, both locally and internationally.