HELIOS 3D Viewer

The famous HELIOS 3D Viewer

Realistic planning experience:

The VR viewer allows users to experience their CAD plans in an immersive, three-dimensional environment. This leads to a better understanding of the project and makes it easier to identify potential problems or optimization opportunities. The user can move freely in the project model and thus take any perspective that makes sense for assessing the planning. The high-resolution screenshots can be used to impressively complement the presentation and documentation.

Improved communication and presentation:

VR technology can be used to present complex layouts and designs in an understandable way. This is particularly useful when communicating with customers or stakeholders who may not be familiar with technical drawings.

Increased accuracy and detail:

The ability to view the model in VR makes it easier to perceive details and precise scales. This helps to identify errors early and make adjustments before they become costly.

Promote collaboration:

Teams can work together virtually, regardless of their physical location. This improves efficiency and enables seamless integration of different disciplines into the planning process.

Increasing market attractiveness:

The use of cutting-edge technologies such as VR in HELIOS 3D can attract the interest of potential customers and partners and position the company as an innovative and future-oriented provider.

Integration of a detailed aerial image:

By integrating high-resolution aerial images into the VR viewer, users can view the planning in its real-world context. This improves spatial understanding and helps to better assess the impact of the planning on the environment.

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