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We create a convincing and photo-realistic presentation of your Helios 3D solar park planning.

For this we need the Helios 3D project file and the ortho images or suitable aerial photographs available for the digital terrain model. In consultation with you, we can then determine, for example, vegetation, camera positions or a desired camera path.

On request, we also expand important areas with additional objects so that the presentation is even more convincing.

One of the most important reasons for a visualization is, for example, the illustration of the hedge planting around the solar park. With a cross-fade effect, you can demonstrate the park boundary with and without plants in the video.

Through the use of correct sunlight simulation and the consideration of the geoposition, shadow studies can also be shown in the animation.

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Example Energy Park Visualisation


Solarpark Laubst

The energy park developer UKA plans, builds, looks after and operates wind and solar parks and the associated infrastructure in Germany, Europe and the USA. As a full-service provider, the group of companies provides all services from site analysis to project development and commissioning.